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This article was written by Laura Smith-Park and Columbus S. Mavuga from CNN. It was posted at 4:57 AM on September 26, 2013. The title is called “Poachers Poison 87 Elephants in Zimbabwe.”

In Hwange National Park. A total of 87 elephant carcasses have been found. It is believed that poachers poisons the natural salt licks with cyanide intending to kill these gigantic beasts.

The park has so far found only 51 tusks. Leaving the 123 to be taken by the poachers. Savior Kasukuwere, Zimbabwe’s Environment minister, plans to make a more constricted prison laws for poachers. So far 5 have been convicted and 3 have been arrested.
The International Fund for Animal Well-fair estimate that an elephant dies due to poaching every 15 minutes! Sadly there is a high demand for ivory so poachers kill elephants in record quantity.

I know Zimbabwe is a developing country, but their should be much stricter laws due to this topic. Rhinoceroses are becoming extinct due to poachers. In this case, poachers have gone too far by poisoning the elephants with cyanid. The dead elephants will be eaten by other animals and they too will die of cyonide poisoning. It is a deadly cycle that could cause the death of many other species of animals.

Because of poachers, elephants and even the rhinoceroses are victims of this cruel act. Other countries besides Zimbabwe should deal with this situation and not just sit and watch like its a movie. This is not fiction, this is life and more people need to get together and fight for the elephants. People need to see the reality.


North Korea Through the Eyes of Google Glass

This article was written by CNN staff on may 13, 2014 at 10:05 a.m.

Some people think that North Korea does not take visitors, but in fact, that is not true. A man brought and wore a google glass to North Korea and recorded and took pictures of many things. Some of the things that he noticed were rather peculiar.

What is strange was that there were more foreign tourists then there were natives. The sad thing was that most of the time he saw North Koreans, they were digging up wild vegetables on the side of the highway for food. One more astonishing thing that I found sad was that a North Korean tour-guide asked about South Korea and if it was better. He asked a lot about the outside world and was astonished that he barely knew anything.

I find it sad that there are still places like this. How could someone be so scared of being overpowered as to go as far as depriving your own citizens of knowledge?! Even though I find it very plausible that North Korea might fall if its people know what is going on. In fact there most definitely will be a revolt. And yet I find that Kim Jong un, no matter how corrupted he has become, would have it Easter to change and become a democracy. He had a chance and he blew it.

Kim Jong un now controls his citizens with food, brainwashing, and lack of knowledge. To me no one should live this way.

A Below Average Monsoon

This article was published under the Economic Times on April 23, 2014 at 9:54 p.m. by Jayashree Bhosale and ET Bureau

Reports say that South Asia’s monsoon season will be below average. Mostly around India, the lower amount of rain will cause some worry for the crop intake. Who’s fault is it may I presume? El Niño of course. Now this phenomena is yet but a natural occurrence, but as of lately it has gotten out of hand. I’m not the one to point fingers, but if I could I would accuse global warming.

El Niño happens because of the warming of the oceans surface. As of lately the storms and droughts have gotten worse because of El Niño and this happens du to constant global warming.

People may only think that global warming is just effecting the environment, but not just that, it is also gravely effecting the economy in many countries. For instance India is one of the main imports on cooking oil and the second main imports on rice. If the monsoon gets more and more below average, India’s economy will plummet, rice imports, which feed a lot of people, will drop, and many other cooking ingredients will be at steak. So do everyone a favor and try to reduce your carbon foot print.

The Kurds

The Kurds are an ethnic group known as Kurdistan. They are made of mostly Iranian and speak the Kurdish language. Kurdistan expands among many countries but the most prominent ones are Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. Technically it is not a country but a sovereign state which is an entity that has government and a complete population, but no control over worldly things.

Kurdistan has a lot of oil, thus it gives it leverage in the economic system. The Iraqi Oil Minister Abdul Kareem Luaibi wants to secure a deal with Kurdistan on oil exports. Baghdad is concerned that Kurdistan is going out of hand exporting oil to Turkey. Although it does both countries good, it has caused fights over the oil. Sense Iraq has a lot of say with oil it has stopped the flow of the pipeline to Turkey and discussing the situation with Kurdistan.

Kurdistan may not be a country but I believe it should. It has it’s own government system and own language. Now even though there are pros in to being a country, there are also cons. If Kurdistan were to be a country many other countries like Iran an Turkey would be left with fewer land. Just leave things how it is and see how things unfold.

The Malaysian Airlines

So. As we all know a plane from Malaysia was somehow taken and changed coarse, but why? It is a puzzling mystery as to who hijacked the plane. A little after people discovered the plane was flying the opposite direction, it disappeared from the satellite tracker. It would have taken an expert and extensive planning to have taken the plane of of the tracker. Something was up.

Immediately Australia’s prime minister took action and sent search teams to look for debris and to hopefully find the plane. Most of the people that were on that plane were Chinese. The relatives of the people on the plane are mad at the Chines government for not taking action. Luckily though, debris was indeed found…. But not the plane.

The reason why they want to find the plane is to obtain its black box which has all of its information on it. If they find the black box, then they will know what really happened to the plane.

It is mysterious and sad how people can manage to steel a plane. Think of all the traumatized families saddened by the loss of a loved one. Sometimes the human race makes a hiccup in society. And most of those hiccups hurt people and cause pain and sadness. Lets hope that the pain becomes less. Let us hope to find the black box to give the devastated families closure.

Twitter Taken from Turkey?

The Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has banned Twitter. Why? He says social media “runs lies”. He also feels that it’s threatening his countries security. “Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have to respect the Turkish Republic’s laws. Turkey is not a banana republic,”. With all this, he also says that while Twitter is abiding to other countries laws, it is not

Even so, I feel like his decision was rather rash. Though his reasons are valid, there is also apposing reasons that are, too, valid. Couldn’t tTurkey try to reason with social media like Twitter first?

It is a sad situation for Turkey to be in. I have to agree with some of the things that Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said. When he explained that other countries laws are being followed while his is not is, in my opinion, is not fair. Twitter should consider all options to be respectful. I personally feel that Twitter has failed to do the job.

Maybe one day twitter and turkey will work everything out. For now though, some conflicts are still being dealt with. Lets just hope they find a happy medium.

Marine Life

This article was written by The Nation on Monday March 3, 2014.

An exciting new bay age was held on the coast of Pakistan to explore more of its bountiful waters. President Khalid Mahmood of WWF-Pakistan lead the voyage with other scientists.

They reported that many fish decreased in its population due to illegal and over fishing. Pollution has also lead to the drastic drop of these beautiful fish. Due to these factors, sadly species like the whale shark have a slim chance to live.

Not only are these effecting the wild life but also many countries economics like Thailand’s. Many receive most of its money due to tourism of marine wildlife and with the decrease of fish comes the decrease of money.

Luckily people are facing this situation head on and taking action. Mr.Khalid Mahmood has demanded of a law that outlaws throwing contaminated objects into the water. He is also organizing a Peace Mission to Iran and India and studying their marine life.

Sadly things like this are more prevalent than we thought. It’s just like bees. People say that humans will not last four years without the bees. Well, same for fish. Whiteout a healthy marine life a countries economics will decrease drastically. Countries like Japan rely on fish as one of their main exports. More people need to work together to make the oceans, lakes, and rivers a better place. And the way to do it is to start small. For instance, if you are at the beach every time you leave pick up at least three pieces of trash. This way the earth will smile.

Buy your Dirt

This article was written on Friday, 14 June 2013 at 10:20 by the Heritage staff writer.

Considering all of the conflicts in central Africa, people are distracted by other serious events. For instance in the west African country of Liberia lies Paynesville, further known as its red-light district. Engulfed in its own garbage,vehicles, marketers and people who live there Try to function with the garbage. Residents complain that the Paynesville City Corporation (the PCC) have failed to take care of the garbage successfully.

The wast has become so hazardous that people claim to get multiple sicknesses because of it. To try and refuse the mammoth size of garbage the PCC created the “Buy your Dirt” project. Aiming to make the city cleaner, the project sold a bag of garbage for 15 Liberian dollars. But dispute their efforts it did not work.
In desperate measures some of the residents think that the only way to get rid of the garbage is to burn piles of it.

Sadly pollution had got to the point where it is hard to go out in some places. Imagine smelling and seeing piles of garbage all around your city. And what’s most sad about that is that those kin if places are growing and growing fast. Pollution is more deadly than most think. I believe that the world needs to get together and discuss pollution more than they do know. Lest get together and get rid of our “dirt”.