Get Together

This article was written by Laura Smith-Park and Columbus S. Mavuga from CNN. It was posted at 4:57 AM on September 26, 2013. The title is called “Poachers Poison 87 Elephants in Zimbabwe.”

In Hwange National Park. A total of 87 elephant carcasses have been found. It is believed that poachers poisons the natural salt licks with cyanide intending to kill these gigantic beasts.

The park has so far found only 51 tusks. Leaving the 123 to be taken by the poachers. Savior Kasukuwere, Zimbabwe’s Environment minister, plans to make a more constricted prison laws for poachers. So far 5 have been convicted and 3 have been arrested.
The International Fund for Animal Well-fair estimate that an elephant dies due to poaching every 15 minutes! Sadly there is a high demand for ivory so poachers kill elephants in record quantity.

I know Zimbabwe is a developing country, but their should be much stricter laws due to this topic. Rhinoceroses are becoming extinct due to poachers. In this case, poachers have gone too far by poisoning the elephants with cyanid. The dead elephants will be eaten by other animals and they too will die of cyonide poisoning. It is a deadly cycle that could cause the death of many other species of animals.

Because of poachers, elephants and even the rhinoceroses are victims of this cruel act. Other countries besides Zimbabwe should deal with this situation and not just sit and watch like its a movie. This is not fiction, this is life and more people need to get together and fight for the elephants. People need to see the reality.


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