A Growing World

This article was from CNN written by the CNN staff and updated on 4:37 pm on October 25, 2013.

surprise surprise! a whopping 441 new species has been found in the amazon in the past 4 years. That rounds up to about 110 species a year! Thanks to scientists and researchers, the world can expand their knowledge about the earth and its inhabitants. I think that it is important to discover new species so that we can learn more about the ecosystem and all of its functions and what that species does to impact the environment. It’s also good to find new species so we can protect them and keep them from being extinct.

Here is a list of some of the plants and animals that have been found.

1. Callicebus caquetensis is a type of titi monkey that purrs like a cat. This monkey was found in the Amazon basin.

2. The Chironius challenger is a snake with big round eyes found in Tepuis on the mountains of northern Amazon.

3. My favorite discovory was of a flower that is called Passiflora longifilamentosa which is a species of passion flower. It was found in Brazil’s para state and has long purple filaments that look like tubes.

Now of course this list isn’t all of the species for it would take forever to write, but these were a couple of my favorites. I love it when new species are found and I hope that even more can be discovered.


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