Don’t Just Blame El Ninio

A typhoon that is predicted to be one of the worst in history is named Typhoon Haiyan. And estimated 10,000 people were killed. People are frantic and looting from stores and ATM machines. The people are mad at authorities and the president Benigo Aquino III who are taking a slow action to the disaster.

The people are left with no electricity, water, food, homes, and crowded hospitals. Luckily the UN’s World Food Program is looking to help the Philippines by sending food. Enough food for 120,000 people.

I agree with the people when they say that the Philippine government isn’t taking enough action! We can’t all just blame El Ninio and just leave it at that. You need to take action!!!! To help we can donate and volunteer instead of sitting around! Let the People of the Philippines get better.


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