Saint Peter

Thus article is written by Bryony Jones from CNN and published at 1:36 PM on November 24, 2013.

Pope Frances has decided to put St. Peter’s bones at the publics view. His bones were reviled in a mass on St. Peter’s Square. Kept in an urn, the bones are not proven to be St. Peter’s because there is no DNA proof.

To thie Christian belief, this is a very important event. People went on a pilgrimage just to see these bones.

Having been to the Vatican and having seen the coffins of the Popes before is a rather momentous feeling. You feel utter most respect for them and have a moment of realization. Here you stand in front of a dead man who had one of the highest honors in the Christian Religion. And yet he lays here dead…. Doing nothing. Being able to look at these dead people is an honor itself.

Then you realize again…. These are just people like you and me. But unlike you, they have had these holy experiences not fathomed by people like you and me. Having St. Peter’s bones shown to the public is a momentous day.


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