Human Acts

This article was written by Alla Eshcheko and Steve Almas from CNN and published at 3:02 pm on December 29, 20013.

A devastating event happened in a train station a Volgograd, Russia. A suiside bomber reportedly killed 16 people and injured 34. What would drive someone to do so? What could have been in the mind of that person?.

No one knows exactly who the killer could be. Suspected to be a woman, she used about 10 kilograms of TNT before passing through the metal detector at 3:45a.m. (local time).

The reigional governor stated that most people injured were in a critical condition. No one knows why these people are bombing. These events are suspiciously close to the where and when Winter Olympics will happen.

All I know is that the human race needs to stop an think for a minute. Who would find enough drive to do such a disastrous thing! I cannot fathom how we as humans deteriorated to such violence. Yes we all think for ourselves, but do our thoughts have to be so different that we literally destroy ones self being and take others with them? I for one wish for the best of these situations and hope for a new light, a new way to fight and solve things.


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