Buy your Dirt

This article was written on Friday, 14 June 2013 at 10:20 by the Heritage staff writer.

Considering all of the conflicts in central Africa, people are distracted by other serious events. For instance in the west African country of Liberia lies Paynesville, further known as its red-light district. Engulfed in its own garbage,vehicles, marketers and people who live there Try to function with the garbage. Residents complain that the Paynesville City Corporation (the PCC) have failed to take care of the garbage successfully.

The wast has become so hazardous that people claim to get multiple sicknesses because of it. To try and refuse the mammoth size of garbage the PCC created the “Buy your Dirt” project. Aiming to make the city cleaner, the project sold a bag of garbage for 15 Liberian dollars. But dispute their efforts it did not work.
In desperate measures some of the residents think that the only way to get rid of the garbage is to burn piles of it.

Sadly pollution had got to the point where it is hard to go out in some places. Imagine smelling and seeing piles of garbage all around your city. And what’s most sad about that is that those kin if places are growing and growing fast. Pollution is more deadly than most think. I believe that the world needs to get together and discuss pollution more than they do know. Lest get together and get rid of our “dirt”.


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