Marine Life

This article was written by The Nation on Monday March 3, 2014.

An exciting new bay age was held on the coast of Pakistan to explore more of its bountiful waters. President Khalid Mahmood of WWF-Pakistan lead the voyage with other scientists.

They reported that many fish decreased in its population due to illegal and over fishing. Pollution has also lead to the drastic drop of these beautiful fish. Due to these factors, sadly species like the whale shark have a slim chance to live.

Not only are these effecting the wild life but also many countries economics like Thailand’s. Many receive most of its money due to tourism of marine wildlife and with the decrease of fish comes the decrease of money.

Luckily people are facing this situation head on and taking action. Mr.Khalid Mahmood has demanded of a law that outlaws throwing contaminated objects into the water. He is also organizing a Peace Mission to Iran and India and studying their marine life.

Sadly things like this are more prevalent than we thought. It’s just like bees. People say that humans will not last four years without the bees. Well, same for fish. Whiteout a healthy marine life a countries economics will decrease drastically. Countries like Japan rely on fish as one of their main exports. More people need to work together to make the oceans, lakes, and rivers a better place. And the way to do it is to start small. For instance, if you are at the beach every time you leave pick up at least three pieces of trash. This way the earth will smile.


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