The Malaysian Airlines

So. As we all know a plane from Malaysia was somehow taken and changed coarse, but why? It is a puzzling mystery as to who hijacked the plane. A little after people discovered the plane was flying the opposite direction, it disappeared from the satellite tracker. It would have taken an expert and extensive planning to have taken the plane of of the tracker. Something was up.

Immediately Australia’s prime minister took action and sent search teams to look for debris and to hopefully find the plane. Most of the people that were on that plane were Chinese. The relatives of the people on the plane are mad at the Chines government for not taking action. Luckily though, debris was indeed found…. But not the plane.

The reason why they want to find the plane is to obtain its black box which has all of its information on it. If they find the black box, then they will know what really happened to the plane.

It is mysterious and sad how people can manage to steel a plane. Think of all the traumatized families saddened by the loss of a loved one. Sometimes the human race makes a hiccup in society. And most of those hiccups hurt people and cause pain and sadness. Lets hope that the pain becomes less. Let us hope to find the black box to give the devastated families closure.


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