The Kurds

The Kurds are an ethnic group known as Kurdistan. They are made of mostly Iranian and speak the Kurdish language. Kurdistan expands among many countries but the most prominent ones are Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. Technically it is not a country but a sovereign state which is an entity that has government and a complete population, but no control over worldly things.

Kurdistan has a lot of oil, thus it gives it leverage in the economic system. The Iraqi Oil Minister Abdul Kareem Luaibi wants to secure a deal with Kurdistan on oil exports. Baghdad is concerned that Kurdistan is going out of hand exporting oil to Turkey. Although it does both countries good, it has caused fights over the oil. Sense Iraq has a lot of say with oil it has stopped the flow of the pipeline to Turkey and discussing the situation with Kurdistan.

Kurdistan may not be a country but I believe it should. It has it’s own government system and own language. Now even though there are pros in to being a country, there are also cons. If Kurdistan were to be a country many other countries like Iran an Turkey would be left with fewer land. Just leave things how it is and see how things unfold.


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