A Below Average Monsoon

This article was published under the Economic Times on April 23, 2014 at 9:54 p.m. by Jayashree Bhosale and ET Bureau

Reports say that South Asia’s monsoon season will be below average. Mostly around India, the lower amount of rain will cause some worry for the crop intake. Who’s fault is it may I presume? El Niño of course. Now this phenomena is yet but a natural occurrence, but as of lately it has gotten out of hand. I’m not the one to point fingers, but if I could I would accuse global warming.

El Niño happens because of the warming of the oceans surface. As of lately the storms and droughts have gotten worse because of El Niño and this happens du to constant global warming.

People may only think that global warming is just effecting the environment, but not just that, it is also gravely effecting the economy in many countries. For instance India is one of the main imports on cooking oil and the second main imports on rice. If the monsoon gets more and more below average, India’s economy will plummet, rice imports, which feed a lot of people, will drop, and many other cooking ingredients will be at steak. So do everyone a favor and try to reduce your carbon foot print.


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