North Korea Through the Eyes of Google Glass

This article was written by CNN staff on may 13, 2014 at 10:05 a.m.

Some people think that North Korea does not take visitors, but in fact, that is not true. A man brought and wore a google glass to North Korea and recorded and took pictures of many things. Some of the things that he noticed were rather peculiar.

What is strange was that there were more foreign tourists then there were natives. The sad thing was that most of the time he saw North Koreans, they were digging up wild vegetables on the side of the highway for food. One more astonishing thing that I found sad was that a North Korean tour-guide asked about South Korea and if it was better. He asked a lot about the outside world and was astonished that he barely knew anything.

I find it sad that there are still places like this. How could someone be so scared of being overpowered as to go as far as depriving your own citizens of knowledge?! Even though I find it very plausible that North Korea might fall if its people know what is going on. In fact there most definitely will be a revolt. And yet I find that Kim Jong un, no matter how corrupted he has become, would have it Easter to change and become a democracy. He had a chance and he blew it.

Kim Jong un now controls his citizens with food, brainwashing, and lack of knowledge. To me no one should live this way.


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