What is the Right Decision?

This article was written by Kelly Wallace from CNN updated on Saturday in September 21, 2013. The article is called 2-year-old gets weight-loss surgery:How young is to young?

A boy from Saudi Arabia is only 2 and weighs 73 pounds. Before getting the surgery, his parents put him on many diets, but all failed to burn the weight off from the little boy. Finally, as a last resort, their doctor decided to give the boy a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. This procedure removes most of the stomach permanently to help the patient not eat as much food. The problem is, this boy suffers from severe sleep apnea. So why risk the fact that he could die under the knife? The thing is, experts predict that if the parents didn’t let the boy go through with the procedure than he would have suffered many things like bowed legs, heart disease, pain, and even death.

So down to the point. Why would parents give their own child weight loss surgery? That is considered taboo. This child is known to be the youngest EVER to have the surgery. Besides that fact, doctors say that girls under 13 and boys under 15 do not get weight-loss surgery. Now this is 2013 modern day. Weight is a touchy subject world wide. I personally agree with the parents on the weir loss surgery. Without it he would have faced many problems. Even so, this does not give a good message to the social media. This sends concern to childhood obesity and what it has come to today. Children should not be the ones to get this surgery. I think this article has sent a message about childhood obesity and it should be taken care of accordingly.


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